Instead of having supply chain stakeholders chasing information, AELER cloud solutions revolutionize in-transit visibility by bringing the right information at the right time to stakeholders, empowering rapid decision-making and automation of processes.

To make that feat possible, AELER takes full advantage of existing data and data provided by its smart containers.

End-to-end in-transit visibility | Predictive analytics

Future-proof container

Out of state-of-the-art composite technology and powerful embedded systems, AELER created the smartest container on earth.
Built to outrank traditional containers (higher loading capacity, better protective characteristics,..), AELER’s smart container is able to understand its cargo during transit and predict unforeseen events, no matter when or where they happen.

1800 kg tare weight | Road fuel reduction
High-grade insulation | High-strength walls

What the AELER C-cube smart container means

Reduce transportation costs
Maintain Product Integrity
Reduce more than 4T of CO2 per year
(Track & Trace, Geofencing, Smart Alerts, security control)
Decision making support
Performance Analysis

Request an operational “automation assessment”

Through our automation assessment, we provide you with an overview of where you stand in terms of digitalization/automation of your logistics operations, what could be improved and the value to be gained by doing so.

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