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We are continuously growing our team with great individuals driven by passion.

    AELER’s ways of working
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    We are not scared of our ambitions

    We are here to make a difference, at a company scale as well as a personal one. This drives us to solve the challenges in front of us, everyday.

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    Efficiency is not measured in hours

    We are focused on efficiency, not on pain. You choose how you work best. As long as it does not disturb existing synergies, and that the work is done, nobody will object.

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    Mens sana...

    At AELER there are bikers, runners, tennismen, paragliders... a barefoot water skier (yes that exists). We like to cook, to eat, to think, to learn, to take care of ourselves — body and mind.

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    All for one and one for all!!

    We like our crew. We actively surround ourselves with people who inspire us, that we admire, and on which we can rely. We’re cool like that.

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