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Innovation through technology

Technology is a driving force of societal growth, both economic and environmental. At AELER, we push the boundaries of science and technology, and translate our findings into meaningful applications for the logistic ecosystem.

    The advent of new materials

    New materials transform society. We are entering an age of composites, where materials can be tailored and optimized to the very specific needs of the application they serve. Looking at structures differently enables us to improve their mechanical, functional and environmental characteristics.

      The new internet is physical

      We are here to close the gap between physical and digital. We go through the hard challenge of connecting the logistic industry where energy, connectivity, data quality and interoperability is a real challenge. We work on our own state of the art embedded system design and operating system to open new capabilities for connectivity and automation.

        Holistic AI systems

        Intelligent systems propel our world. These systems help us make sense of the vast amount of information at our disposal and help us make the right decisions. From data collection to applied models, we develop holistic AI systems that strive to support the industry’s digital and sustainable transformation.

          Qualitative growth

          Innovative solutions should be economically sound, environmentally sustainable, and ethically just. We investigate the impact of our activities, pushing for growth through a circular economy, and making sure that, end to end, we are sustainable by design.

            From innovation to solution

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              Standing on giant’s shoulder

              Working on these technologies requires world-class know-how. Our relationship with EPFL — Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne — is essential to our ecosystem of knowledge. Several of our top engineers — our founders included — are EPFL alumni and AELER is committed to strengthening scientific knowledge.

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