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Managed fleet solution

Interested in owning a fleet of AELER Unit One containers?

Pre-order it now.

Short-term container service

AELER also facilitates short-term usage of the AELER Unit One through our own internal fleet, available between AELER approved locations.

How does it work?

Everything can be done from the FLEET platform.

1. Book the containers

Sign in to Fleet and book all the containers you need to transport your cargo.

You decide how many you need and when to pick them up.

screen monitor with fleet booked message
2. Pick them up at our depot

On the day you book, just pick up our containers at our approved depot. The containers will be ready and waiting for you.

warehouse with doors open
forklift carrying aeler container
3. Get to destination

Send the containers through an SOC contract with your carrier of choice. With FLEET, you can track them and check on your cargo’s conditions all the way to your destination.

vessel transporting aeler containers
4. Return them at our destination depot

Once your cargo arrives and you unload it at your warehouse, you can return the containers at our local depot. Simple.

warehouse with doors open
truck with trailer tranporting aeler container

Full flexibility

  • No CAPEX

  • One way trip possible

  • Access to Fleet platform

  • Pickup and returns in any depot of the AELER network

Completely tailored

Your business has specific needs.

That's why we will do a plan just for you.

More than just business

Choosing AELER is opting for change. We are well-aware that this change is only possible through total customer satisfaction. For this reason, we see each customer as a long-term partner with whom the notion of collaboration is of the utmost importance. When choosing AELER, you become a forward-looking company that uses today the tools of tomorrow.

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