We envision a world where logistics operations are efficient, clean and intelligent.

We believe that through trade, humankind progresses and improves itself, and are persuaded the time is ripe for the right technologies to bring transformational advances in the way our global supply chain network works.

Our vision is to build the optimal tools to enable an efficient and zero-waste trade system while making the exchange of goods ever more accessible and simple for everyone.

Transforming logistics
through visibility and automation

The Team

Naïk Londono
Co-founder & CEO
David Baur
Co-founder & CTO
Quentin Cabrol
Lead developer
Roman Heimgartner
Data analytics & ML lead
Giordano Colombi
Data scientist
Guillaume Drucy
Business development
Shiyao Bergamaschini
Engineering intern
Audrey Bonvin
Partners Relations
Philippe Rathle
Alexis Michel
Philippe Wieser


AELER Technologies has its roots at the heart of EPFL, in Lausanne, Switzerland, benefitting from decades of expertise in AI research, industrial composite innovation and cutting-edge embedded systems design. With strong industrial ties in Asia and Europe, we are ready to deliver our solution to the market.

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