Smart Container
The most complete shipping solution.

Move your products with incredible flexibility, control and visibility while accelerating your transition to becoming a truly sustainable brand.

Current market solutions

Shipping goods is challenging!

  • No sufficient protection
    On their own, steel container don’t offer thermal or humidity insulation
  • Lacking visibility
    Unreliable information during transport resulting in a sense of insecurity
  • One container doesn’t fit all needs
    Challenges in loading, and dressing containers to make them suitable for your cargo
  • Unsustainable
    Limited sustainable options for environmental conscious shipping

A rewarded innovation meeting industry standards

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“The logistics industry needs innovation, big time! The AELER container is a bright example of a significant step forward”

Sergio Barbarino Aeler
Sergio Barbarino

Founder of P&G’s Logistics R&D unit, Procter & Gamble

Aeler Container

Ship cargo worldwide in a simple, smart and secure way

A strong network for global shipping

Review the process to get instant access to smart containers. Meet our partners from our strong network that allows smart global shipping. Find our depots across the world.

Meet quality, integration and risk management targets

Embedded autonomous IoT
  • Monitored
    Trust your plan with visibility over your shipping
  • Secured
    Better conditions during travel for a safe arrival at destination

Reduce Co2 emissions and reach sustainability objectives

The perfect match for your cargo is sustainable
  • Reach your goals
    Meet sustainability goals while loading and transporting more cargo during the same trip
  • Improve your impact
    A global impact going beyond just the logistics industry
smart container as a service

The ideal solution for many industries

ship liquids in bulk

Bulk liquids & flexitanks

Increased payload: load flexitanks up to 28 tonnes.
ship high value goods

High value goods

Maximum security: 100% visibility on shocks, door opening, condensation and more.
transport sensitive goods

Sensitive goods

Total protection: built-in thermal insulation, advanced sensors watching over your cargo.

“The AELER container and its totally insulated build saves us time and money.”

Andreas Westermayer

Business Development Manager - Colombus Cargo

Use & return. Move your goods stress-free.

We’ll work with you to plan an optimal solution for moving your goods efficiently, safely and securely. Meet our broad partner network and how to use our service to move your goods stress-free.


Ship your next cargo sustainably, with low risks and full visibility

Organize your next shipment and see how you can benefit from AELER’s container and service!

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