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Reimagine what a container can do.

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Introducing the
AELER Unit One

Aeler composite container

Our next-generation smart container designed for efficiency, cargo protection, supply chain intelligence and sustainability.

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Modernizing container trade

Aeler container transported on a truck
A box for cost-efficient operations

Facilitating trade through better hardware.

  • 15% lighter

  • Extra 4 tonnes payload for flexitank transport

  • Reefer-level insulation

  • 7% more aerodynamic

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A beacon of visibility

Connecting all stakeholders to a single source of truth: the future of logistics excellence.

  • Advanced container & cargo monitoring

  • 24/7 traceability

  • Digital and hardware security

  • Real-time connectivity & complete power autonomy

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Sustainable by design

Pushing the boundaries for greener shipping.

  • Up to 20% end-to-end life-cycle CO2 reductions

  • 4% road fuel consumption reduction

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Our Beliefs

We believe that the exchange of goods across the world should be as efficient as the exchange of information across the internet.

We believe in making global logistics a leading engine of sustainability, as it is a leading engine of growth.

With over 80% of goods in the world moving through containers, there is no better place to start impacting the world at scale.

    Be part of the transition

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      Whether you seek cost-efficiency, visibility, new product offerings for your customers, or sustainability, we have a solution for you.

      Find out how our products can support you in your modern logistics transition.

        Use Cases

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        grains of coffee

        Supply chain thought-leaders are reimagining their supply chains with the AELER Unit One.