Smart Container
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Discover AELER’s smart container as a service

shipping container

A new generation of smart shipping containers

Made with composite materials.
  • Stronger
    Stronger to hold more cargo, + 17% for flexitanks
  • Insulated
    Insulated and smooth insides, ideal for sensitive goods
  • Secure
    More secure, ideal for high value goods
iso and csc certified shipping solution

Advanced cargo monitoring

Embedded autonomous IoT
  • Event Track
    Real time monitoring of events during the whole journey
  • Trace
    Delivers live position
  • Secure
    Door opening detection via sealing system

Designed for sustainable global logistics

Increased payload and aerodynamics
  • CO2
    -20% less CO2 emissions
  • Fuel
    -4% road fuel consumption
  • Optimized
    No need for single-use fittings anymore
smart container as a service
expert logistics service

Experience the AELER service

The AELER service includes:
  • Team
    A team dedicated to your business
  • Solution
    Solutions designed just for you
  • Advice
    Advice on how to optimize your logistics

“The logistics industry needs innovation, big time! The Aeler container is a bright example of a significant step forward”

Sergio Barbarino Aeler
Sergio Barbarino

Founder of P&G’s Logistics R&D unit, Procter & Gamble and Vice-Chair of Alice, the European Logistic Innovation Technology Platform

For Shippers, Freight-forwarders, in many industries

ship liquids in bulk

Bulk liquids & flexitanks

Increased payload: load flexitanks up to 28 tonnes.
ship high value goods

High Value Goods

Maximum security: 100% visibility on shocks, door opening, condensation and more.
transport sensitive goods

Sensitive Goods

Total protection: built-in thermal insulation, advanced sensors watching over your cargo.
mark johnson global logistics expert
Ask Johnson, our Head of Sales, to contact you back asap.

The future of shipping is on its way.

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