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A single solution to help you reach all your sustainability targets

AELER, a company focused on sustainable solutions in the supply chain industry, prioritises ecological impact in its decision-making processes. One of its main innovations, the Unit One container, aligns with the European Green Deal goals and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions reduction. It achieves this through modal shift facilitation, drag reduction, increased payload capacity, reduction of single-use materials, waste reduction, and end-of-life considerations. The Unit One container provides accurate traceability, which is crucial for verifying sustainability claims, reducing overproduction, and addressing issues like food waste. The structural innovation of the container reduces reliance on flexibags, minimises waste, and decreases emissions throughout its lifecycle.
Aryane Boroumand
July 6, 2023

The future of logistics? Logtech

You’ve probably heard of ‘Biotech’ or ‘Fintech’. But what about ‘Logtech’? And no, that’s not Logitech, the Swiss company that invented the mouse 40 years ago!
June 21, 2023