Secure your cargo throughout its journey

With both digital and physical security, the AELER container has been re-invented to keep your cargo secure.
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“We have benefited from innovative features such as cargo protection against humidity and temperature variation alongside enhanced visibility through cargo tracking and monitoring.”

Transport Director

French Multinational (Anonymized)


Key Information when you need it from Control Tower

Alerts and monitoring of door opening

Receive real-time alerts of door opening or tampering.

Paired with our live GPS tracking, you have complete visibility within our digital Control Tower to see when and where incidents have occurred.

Take immediate action and manage your liability & protection.

Timeline of Events

Track impacts and improper handling

Shipping containers can experience impacts of up to 7.2 Gs - similar to Apollo 16's re-entry into the atmosphere!

Every impact can damage your cargo; identifying responsibility and recovering losses can be difficult.

With AELER's solution, receive instant alerts whenever a strong shock occurs. Proactive notifications and the availability of data empower you to identify responsible parties and aid in insurance claims and investigations.


Know if your cargo has been tampered with

Our containers are equipped with advanced luminosity sensors to provide an added layer of protection by enabling you to detect tampering attempts. These sensors are so sensitive that they can even detect someone attempting to make a hole in the panels. However, the panel's resilience makes drilling through them a challenging task.

This heightened security feature ensures that you have real-time insights into the integrity of your cargo, allowing for prompt action in the event of any unauthorized access.

Door Locking Status
Use Case

High-value goods, higher security

Secure your high-value goods - from medicines and foodstuffs to pharmaceutical devices and electronics. Ensure peace of mind with our state-of-the-art security measures and constant monitoring.

An ideal solution for all high value goods
  • Maintain stable physical conditions through enhanced strength and insulation capabilities


  • Monitor cargo through an integrated IoT with real-time alerts of deviations outside of the norm


Practical Application
Luxury fashion & cosmetics, electronic devices & pharmaceuticals

Our customers ship goods that are prime targets for theft due to their high value and demand.

These products also necessitate precise physical conditions across temperature and humidity within the shipping container. In addition, shocks and impacts to the container can harm the cargo's certifications and conditions.

Luxury Fashion & Cosmetics, Electronic Devices & Pharmaceuticals

Ship your next cargo sustainably, with low risks and full visibility

Organize your next shipment and see how you can benefit from AELER’s container and service!

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Need more than safe & secure cargo? 

Our shipping solution comes with more benefits

Benefits Flexitanks

Increased Payload

Increase maximum flexitank payload by 17% and reduce your container requirements.

Passive Insulation

Passive insulation protects and preserves your cargo's integrity with less landfill waste
Cargo Visibility Software

Full Visibility

Track shipments and containers in real-time with integrated GPS and AIS data.
CO2 savings

Sustainable by design

Reduce emissions by up to 20% per shipment.