Track your cargo with end-to-end visibility and monitoring

With our online platform Control Tower gain reliable and contextual visibility coupled with advanced cargo monitoring features, including safety, security, and quality monitoring. Clever warnings ensure no surprises.
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Tracking software

“We have benefited from innovative features such as cargo protection against humidity and temperature variation alongside enhanced visibility through cargo tracking and monitoring.”

Transport Director

French Multinational (Anonymized)


Control tower tells you what you need, when you need it

Visibility & Tracking

Follow your shipments every step of the way using GPS and AIS data.

Our platform ensures real-time updates with integrated sensors updating data every 15 minutes, offering email alerts for estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and any disruptions with shipping lines.

The integrated sensors in our container doors offer streamlined data access on the Control Tower platform, including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity (RH)
  • Luminosity
  • Door opening status
  • Accelerometer (g)
Visibility and tracking

Smart Calculated ETA

By leveraging our sensor data and the capabilities of AI, we allow our customers to have complete visibility to support them with any decision they have to make concerning their shipment and cargo. We offer:

  • AI-powered predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA), integrating data from our sensors, shipping lines, telematics, and other technologies.
  • Advanced notice of potential delays.
  • 24/7 access to live shipment information.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting, using AI to cross-reference cargo data with additional information, giving you clear context and real-time health status of your shipment.
  • Detailed fleet visibility and actionable insights.
Benefits Predicted ETA

Customised Thresholds and Alerts

Set specific thresholds to monitor cargo health or deviations and define the type and amount of alerts we receive.

Get notifications on different devices for ETA changes and other disruptions with your shipping line.

Benefits Thresholds

Third-Party Sharing

Need to keep someone in the loop?

Easily share specific shipment data with external parties through a unique link.

No extra logins for your partners.

Benefits Third party sharing

Automatic Shipment CO2 Emissions & Savings Calculation

Automatically generate accurate CO2 emissions and savings calculations for each shipment taking place.

Generate predictive CO2 emissions and savings for planned shipments - allowing clarity in reports and previsions

CO2 Savings
Use Case

Control Tower: streamlined shipment tracking

From medicines and foodstuffs, to pharmaceutical devices and electronics, cargo monitoring is of paramount importance. Enjoy a global adapted overview or your cargo’s journey with our platform.

  • Predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA) thanks to the integration of data from our sensors, shipping lines, telematics and other technologies

  • Advanced analytics and reporting that uses AI to cross reference cargo data with additional information for clear context and health status throughout the shipment.

  • Fleet visibility

  • Actionable Insights
Practical Application
Customised overview

Ship your next cargo sustainably, with low risks and full visibility

Organize your next shipment and see how you can benefit from AELER’s container and service!

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Our shipping solution comes with more benefits

Benefits Flexitanks

Increased Payload

Increase maximum flexitank payload by 17% and reduce your container requirements.

Passive Insulation

Stay within your red-line temperature limits by limiting thermal variations.

Increased Security

Triple layer security with real-time alerts, dual locking mechanism and a robust structure.
CO2 savings

Sustainable by design

Reduce emissions by up to 20% per shipment.