The safest container for bulk liquid transport

Safely and cost-effectively transition from bottles, barrels, drums or ISO tanks to the AELER container and save over dozens of trips per year with no bulging.

Fewer containers also mean fewer flexibags, allowing you to save plastic and reduce residual wastage.
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Benefits Flexitanks

“Working with AELER, we have been able to cut our emissions by up to 20% per shipment thanks to the higher payload as well as achieving significant waste and cost reductions relative to insulation in key trade lanes. AELER offers a flexible solution providing Physical, Digital, Operational and Sustainability advantages all in one”

Pietro D'Arpa

VP Supply Chain-Europe Logistics & End to End Strategic Planning at Procter & Gamble


Cargo payload: more, better, simpler.

AELER’s Next Generation Container Ecosystem has been reinvented from the ground up.

The container is stronger, more secure and better insulated while bringing game-changing digital connectivity with live cargo location updates.

Enhanced Payload Capacity

AELER's Unit One container uses advanced composite materials for increased payload capacity and durability.

17% Payload

Our containers feature composite walls 65% stronger than standard steel, allowing the safe transportation of up to 17% additional payload without bulging or deformation.

Up to 4 Tons

While traditional metal containers may bend or dent under 22-24 tonnes of pressure, AELER's containers can withstand up to 28 tonnes, ensuring greater integrity and reducing the risk of cargo damage.

Load faster, safer, simpler

AELER containers are designed to meet ISO specifications and are suitable for various cargos, including food-grade materials; these containers safeguard your goods against damage with their smooth, flat walls.

The easy-loading design streamlines your logistics, improving turnaround times and simplifying your shipping process.

Use Case

Your solution to transport bulk liquids

Safely and cost effectively transition from bottles, barrels, drums or ISO tanks to the AELER container and together we could save over 2 million trips per year!

An ideal solution for all bulk liquids
Food-Grade Liquids
Edible oils
Industrial Liquids
Chemical Oil
Practical Application
Optimising UK to Turkey soap shipments

Shipments are moved from Europe to Asia loaded with liquids in flexitanks.

By using an AELER container and safely loading 3 tons of additional payload per container, we can eliminate 90 shipments per year. AELER’s passive insulation capabilities also eliminate the need for single-use polyurethane.

Soap shipment flexitank container from UK to Turkey

Ship your next cargo sustainably, with low risks and full visibility

Organize your next shipment and see how you can benefit from AELER’s container and service!

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Need more than better payload?
Our shipping solution comes with more benefits

Passive Insulation

Stay within your red-line temperature limits by limiting thermal variations.
Cargo Visibility Software

Full Visibility

Track shipments and containers in real-time with integrated GPS and AIS data.

Increased Security

Triple layer security with real-time alerts, dual locking mechanism and a robust structure.
CO2 savings

Sustainable by design

Reduce emissions by up to 20% per shipment.