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Container Features and Benefits

Are the composite materials used in AELER containers made of plastic?

No, the composite materials are not plastic. They are a sophisticated blend of fibres, resin, and core materials, resulting in a container that is insulated and durable and avoids side bulging.

How do AELER containers offer better insulation?

The AELER Unit One's exceptional insulation is due to its construction from composite panels. This design ensures that the container's contents are protected against significant temperature variations without requiring single-use plastic as additional insulation layers, making it highly efficient for transporting temperature-sensitive goods.

Are AELER containers certified?

Yes, the AELER Unit One containers are certified for standard ISO GP (General Purpose) use, including CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) and ISO certifications. A CE certification is also in progress, ensuring the container meets high safety and quality standards.

How do AELER containers differ from traditional containers?

AELER Unit One containers set themselves apart through their innovative construction and integrated technology. Unlike traditional steel containers, the AELER Unit One is crafted from composite materials, offering superior strength and insulation.The container's built-in IoT system and "Control Tower" platform offer comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including enhanced security features not found in standard containers with third-party IoT devices.

What kind of container does AELER provide?

AELER provides its customers with a new generation of intermodal 20ft dry containers designed to be at the highest technological standards structurally and in terms of real-time connectivity. With AELER containers, logistics stakeholders increase their operational efficiency, significantly reduce the environmental impact of freight transportation and ensure complete visibility for themselves and their partners.

Can I download a clear specification sheet about the container?

Yes, download our container spec sheet here

IoT Integration

What does “embedded IoT System” mean on an AELER container?

The IoT system in AELER containers is integral to the container's design and seamlessly integrated with the structure. This advanced, solar-powered system enables real-time tracking, environmental monitoring, and the overall health of the container and its contents, providing unparalleled visibility and security.

What type of battery powers the IoT system? Is it lithium?

The IoT system is powered by a safer and more stable battery than lithium, making it suitable for transporting sensitive cargo without the risks associated with lithium batteries.

When does the AELER container's IoT system stream data?

The container's IoT device seeks a cellular connection every two hours to transmit collected data. In the case of significant events or "alerts," the device will immediately search for a connection to relay the information promptly, ensuring timely monitoring and intervention if necessary.

Control Tower and Visibility

What is Control Tower, and how does it function?

Control Tower is AELER's proprietary visibility digital platform, enabling users to monitor their AELER containers in transit. It aggregates data from the container's IoT devices, AELER's internal Fleet Manager tool, AIS vessel position data, and carrier APIs to offer comprehensive, up-to-date information on cargo location and condition, enhancing cargo management and security.

Business Model and Operations

Who is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and cleaning of AELER containers?

In accordance with industry standards, all containers must undergo cleaning before their return to the depot. Should there be a necessity for standard or chemical cleaning, AELER's depots will undertake this process, with any incurred additional costs being charged to the customer. AELER or its authorised depots will conduct any necessary repairs.

Do shipping lines accept AELER containers?

Yes, the AELER Unit One container—a certified 20-ft dry container—is fully compatible with existing maritime container handling equipment and is accepted by shipping lines under Shippers Owned Container (SOC) conditions.

How can businesses utilise an AELER container for their shipping needs?

Utilising an AELER container is straightforward. Customers can book the Unit One container directly through us. We then collaborate on an optimal shipping solution, including pick-up from our global depots, complete cargo condition visibility during transit, and container return at the destination. Our service ensures efficiency, safety, and security throughout the shipment process. Feel free to review how to use our global shipping service.


How does AELER contribute to sustainability in shipping?

The AELER Unit One container is designed with sustainability at its core, potentially reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20% per shipment and cutting fuel consumption by 4% during road transport. Our containers are made from recyclable materials and can be upcycled or recycled into housing at the end of their life, aligning with global environmental goals and significantly reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

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