Re-inventing the container

Our mission

We aim to upgrade the infrastructure of global supply chains by building an ecosystem of technologies around the shipping container.

Changing the paradigm

Join the revolution!

80% of the world’s goods transit through a container. Yet containers haven’t changed in 60 years with many businesses having to fit inside this box. 

The shipping container is the building block of our globalized economy. By upgrading it with new technologies and services, we are impacting the whole of logistics. 

AELER containers are stronger, insulated, super smart, more sustainable and have a higher payload to benefit all kinds of industries. 

We’re reinventing the container so that it adapts to your needs. Not the other way round. This new paradigm opens up a world of possibilities.

Join the revolution!

The team re-inventing logistic’s building-block

ConOps & Partnerships
Finance & Legal
Talent & Culture
Network & Advocacy
Customer Success

Advisory board

Our board brings together industry leaders, innovators, and experts committed to guiding our sustainable solutions and driving excellence in every facet of our journey

Our vision

We aim to become the central, connected brain of global supply chains, supporting the world’s transition to a more efficient and sustainable society.

Our values

Human first

We take care of one another. Ambition cannot come at the expense of one’s health: Human first!

Be Collaborative

We think we, not me and them. Changing the world is only possible if we work well as a team.

Be Daring

Aiming for the sky is the best way to learn how to fly! We want to help make the world a better place and we believe that, together, we can do it.

Be Innovative

We believe that change is a force of good and we surf that wave all the time. Change and innovations are the only constants in progress.

“We see the container like a synapse for the brain of the logistics industry. We will re-invent it, thanks to our amazing crew!”

David Baur

Aeler Co-Founder