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We listen to reason
We speak our voice
We challenge the status quo

At AELER, you will:

  • Join a team of talented individuals who believe in our mission
  • Get stock options in a promising technology scale-up
  • Work in a hybrid workspace that empowers you
  • Join yearly company retreats where you’ll meet all Aelerians
  • Get training that supports both professional and personal growth
  • Enjoy 25 vacation days per year and national public holidays
  • Experience a good work-life balance. We put human beings first!

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We take care of one another. Treat every Aelerian with respect and empathy and raise a flag if you see an Aelerian who is not OK.
We are here to push the limits of what’s possible, both as individuals and as a team. But ambition cannot come at the expense of one’s health: Human first!

Unspecified (2%)
18-24 (2%)
25-34 (58%)
35-44 (25%)
45-54 (9%)
55-64 (4%)

17 nationalities

Angola 1 | Argentina 1 | Brazil 1 | China 1 | Croatia 1 | Egypt 1 | France 6 | Germany 1 |  India 1 | Israel 2 | Italy 1 | Malta 1 | Portugal 15 | Singapore 1 | South Africa 1 | Spain 1 | Switzerland 17 | United Kingdom 3 | United States 2
20 out of 59 people are female identifying

Age breakdown

Average age 38

Offices location

Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland

Why DE&I is important

AELER encourages the transition to a more inclusive and equitable society. We know that diversity makes us stronger.

Human: one of our core values, how we look at the world and how want to build our team. Being at the very beginning of this journey we try to adopt an Inclusive lens in everything we do. The goal is to build an Equitable and Diverse AELER.

In practice, this means creating an employer brand that connects with the communities we want to engage with and marketing job opportunities in ways that attract a diverse pool of talent. We also seek to minimize biases during hiring, all in the spirit of creating an inclusive work environment.

Open positions

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Internship opportunities

Get your first career move with AELER!

Become part of an ambitious project and team that will help you develop new skills and ways of collaborating. Join us on an adventure to rock global logistics!

"Doing an internship at AELER was a wonderful experience. The atmosphere is very healthy and you can see that everyone is motivated to work hard in order to make AELER grow fast!
Omar Badri, intern @Digital team
"As the company is growing, this is a unique experience to learn how a company works from A-Z, and above that the aelerian family has a big heart."
Louis Volet, intern @Finance&Legal team

Open application

If there isn’t an open position for you, you can also send a open application with any information you’d think is relevant for future consideration.