Your cargo
deserves AELER

Made with composite, our Unit One re-defines containers!
Stronger, insulated, connected with real time monitoring and affords payload significantly.

Stronger, secure and insulated

Smooth, rust free surfaces inside and outside.

Our container’s passive insulation makes it the ideal solution to protect a wide range of sensitive goods.

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Smarter to deliver unrivaled insights

Control Tower, our online platform gives you direct access to key information about the container and its cargo: location, temperature, humidity, shocks, door openings and more. You’ll be amazed by what Control Tower can do. 

Advanced Cargo Monitoring SoftwareAdvanced Cargo Tracking Tool

A whole new dimension

The AELER Unit One Smart Container has the same dimensions as a regular container.

shipping container size

Door opening dimensions

Height: 2,261mm
Width: 2,330mm

Max payload


Internal dimensions

Height: 2,370mm
Width: 2,330mm
Length:  5,890mm

Max Gross Weight


External dimensions

Height: 2,591mm
Width: 2,438mm
Length: 6,058mm

Tare Weight





Coated Plywood

CO2 reduction /1000km

Up to 1'316 kgCO2*



Battery life

Up to 10 years

*Based on 17% more payload and less use of plastic


Humidity, Pressure, Luminosity, Volatile Organic Compounds, Temperature, Accelerometer, Door opening


GNSS technology


Sampling frequency: 5 minutes
Communication frequency: 15 minutes
Coverage: Global LTE and BLE5 / NFC

Book now, it’s easy

With our Container As A Service model, our team of experts will give you fast access to our new generation containers.

You can then simply pick them up, use, track and return your containers to one of our 50+ depots worldwide.  

No maintenance nor insurance hassle. With the CAAS model, you can use containers with short- and long-term subscriptions. We take care of insurance, cleaning, maintenance, repairs and more.

Frequently asked questions

Can the AELER Unit One be used with standard logistics equipment?

Yes, the AELER Unit One is a certified 20ft dry container and is compatible with all equipment currently used to handle maritime containers.

Can the AELER Unit One handle rough maritime environments?

Yes, the AELER Unit One was designed with the highest and toughest standards. In fact, as you can see in our Flexitank use case, the AELER Unit One is even stronger than a standard container under specific situations.

What is the lifetime of the AELER Unit One?

It is the same as a standard container, usually between 10 to 15 years

How expensive is the AELER Unit One?

Please contact sales to discuss pricing. What we can say is that for the targeted use cases, using an AELER Unit One will most likely have a lower end-to-end shipment cost. Additionally, it also provides state-of-the-art intelligence and sustainability.

Do you have a 40ft or 45ft model available?

We’re working on it.

Where can a AELER Unit One be acquired?

We’re supplying customers mainly in Europe and Singapore, but are exploring other locations.

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