Sustainability mission

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At AELER we’re committed to providing a clear path towards meeting our customers and partners sustainability objectives.

From meticulous material sourcing to our comprehensive service model, we provide an end-to-end sustainable solution.

Our approach includes employing a robust impact quantification methodology, establishing a collaborative network of likeminded companies and public entities, acquiring certifications to substantiate our claims, and utilising our expertise to guide clients towards achieving their CO2 emission reduction goals.

Every step of the way, we provide complementary solutions that not only accelerate the realisation of sustainability goals but also enhance their operational efficiency, visibility, and overall bottom line.

We firmly believe that by fostering sustainability, efficiency, and transparency, we can drive the transformation of the global trade system and facilitate the world’s transition to a more efficient and sustainable society.

CO2 savings calculator

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(-2 150 kg)

With AELER you’d save…

Potential Co2 emissions savings
Total savings
(-2 150 kg)
This equals to:
You are saving the equivalent of the annual CO2 emissions of 0 diesel cars*.
7 899 kg
5 749 kg
With conventional containers
Flexi-bag savings
715 kg — 8.8%
Left-over savings
715 kg — 8.8%
Additional payload savings
715 kg — 8.8%
Insulation savings
715 kg — 8.8%

”At AELER, our commitment is greater than a mission; it’s an invitation to bind economic growth and sustainable development, two major pillars of our times.”

Emily Babot

Environmental Project Manager

Insights on CO2 savings calculations methodology

How are the CO2 savings calculations done?

The calculations above are based on assumptions, to give a broad estimate of CO2 savings using AELER containers.

Some of our assumptions include:

  • choice of one ship type only
  • average ship fuel emission factor of 3.4
  • no consideration of truck or train transit
  • insulation material assumed to be Polyurethane only

In order to get a full calculation that will represent your real operational situation, with less assumptions, please contact us.

How were those computations validated?

The computations and data used in this calculator have been previously validated by three independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and sustainability experts:

Besides, AELER being part of the Smart Freight Center, the CO2 savings calculations are currently being validated against the GLEC-Framework.

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